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Kitchen Cabinets | Ram-Wood Custom Cabinetry in Pennsylvania


Handcrafted Kitchens Cabinets Built With Function In Mind.

Our custom kitchen cabinets are built exactly to your specifications so you can get anything you want! Our custom cabinetry will be as durable and functional as it is beautiful. Pick your own style, color, and door combination and we will create your dream kitchen. We manufacture both framed and frameless cabinets, and also provide cabinet hardware and countertops if desired.

Need something new in your kitchen? Did you ever want a kitchen island? Envision a corner cabinet with a lazy susan? We have all types of door and drawer accessories to help organize your cabinets any way you want them. We provide collapsing shelf storage solutions, pullout hangars, and just about anything else in the chef's pantry, cabinet door, and drawer storage departments. Our vast knowledge and experience can help you solve any problem in your kitchen.

All of our custom cabinets are all completely built by hand by the most skilled craftsmen in PA.

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